Application Guide Without Service Fee Guide you how to apply for studying in Yantai University & Study in ytu

Procedures and Documents Required for Overseas Students

I. Submit materials

1.Copy of passport

2.Application form (fixed samples)

3.Original copy of Undergraduate Diploma and transcript

4.HSK certificate (only for undergraduate student,graduate student:band-5)

5.Two letters of recommendation from professors (only for graduate student)

6.Application fee: RMB 300yuan (graduate student: RMB 400yuan)


If you have work history, proof of work experience related to present employment with unit stamps from the previous unit you served should be provided.

If there are children under 18 years old or your spouse accompanying you, the birth certificate or marriage certificate notarized by the Chinese embassies and consulates should also be provided.

II. Application Processing and Applying for a Student Visa

1.First, the University will examine your application materials.

2.If accepted, the University will send you a “Letter of Acceptance” and “Visa Application For Study in China” (JW202).

3.The applicant student need to go to the nearest Chinese embassy or consulate to apply for a student entry visa with the “Letter of Acceptance” and “Visa Application For Study in China” (JW202) .

4.Students should register on time, according to the time noted on their “Letter of Acceptance”.

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